Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ramadhan Kareem ☽ رمضان كريم

I know we're half way through the holy month of Ramadhan, but my finger problem took longer than I had expected so I didn't feel like posting. I won't be posting about my accident cause I can't be bothered  hehehe but you can read about it on Rasha's blog here and here.

I also want to post on my Nihongo blog for those who have been coming back to check but I've been really busy with Ramadhan. I'll get that sorted after Eid insha'Allah cause I'm already way ahead and I think I need to post cause it makes MY studying a lot easier too.
Now let me tell you how I spend my Ramadhan:

1- On ramadhan I usually (every year) just follow one program on TV called 'Khawatir' because the rest are just things that keep you away from important things, although I know a lot of religious programs that are very good too but I don't want to spend most of my time watching TV.

'Khawatir' is not really considered a religious program but it's more like a program that helps you gain helpful knowledge about other cultures and thus improve yourself and your community.
Most things we learn from the program are things that are already in the Quran but that we had forgotten to incorporate in our daily lives. It is embarassing http://www.emocutez.comto see non-muslim countries do things the Islamic way without practicing Islam while we muslims have lost most of our Islamic values and are more influenced by the west these days The program is just around ten minutes so it's not a waste of time.

2- I try to read the Quran everyday although I haven't done enough lately because unfortunately my sleeping pattern is messed up and I feel tired all the time. But I won't make excuses anymore.
Every year I try to finish reading the whole Quran at least once during it became my Ramadhan tradition and I always find comfort in reading the words of Allah.

3- I've been going to the clinic to change my dressing every other day and also preparing for my brother's wedding in September.

4- I still take Japanese lessons during Ramadhan but instead of 9:00 am it starts at 11:00am (I'll post about my teacher later cause she's the sweetest)

5- Something not Ramadhan related but something I do atleast every week, is build and design houses on The Sims 2 hehehehe

6- I usually go walking after I'shaa prayer but this year it is exremely hot so I never went even once.

All the above, I do with Rasha cause we're attached hehehe

OH and I never feel hungry when I'm fasting but I always feel thirsty...really I'll die of thirst (sometimes I believe I can).

That's all folks...I might post something more informative about Ramadhan cause this post wouldn't help those who seek to learn about it and it also made Ramadhan look like a normal month hehehe and IT'S's the most beautiful month in the whole year, I wish it was all year long or alteast twice a year

Ramadhan Kareem everyone!